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VAG Käigukasti Adapter Audi Auto Võti Programmeerija Jaoks DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501 Lugeda, Kirjutada Töö KTMFlash EKÜÜD Pro

€107.45 €96.71
  • Toote Laius: 0inch
  • Toode: Eest DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501Read ja Kirjutada
  • Mudeli Nimetus: Näiteks VAG Jaoks DQ250
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Võimsus: 0
  • Kaablid: Auto Diagnostika Kaablid
  • Punkt: VAG Käigukasti Adapter
  • Eest: Audi Diagnostika Vahendid
  • Tarkvara Versioon: Uusim Võti Programmeerija Audi
  • Brändi Nimi: OKDIAG
  • Sertifitseerimine: CE
  • Väline Testimine Sertifitseerimine: ce
  • Pinge: 0
  • Töö: Töö KTMFlash
  • Nimi: Näiteks Vag Audi Võti Programmeerija
  • Riistvara Versioon: Uusim Adapter Audi
  • Kirje Pikkus: 0inch
  • Toote Kaal: 0kg
  • Toote Kõrgus: 0inch
  • elektrooniline: No
  • Materjali Tüüp: Plast


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V-A-G VW Au-di Gearbox Adapter for DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501 Read and Write KTM flash Functions: 1.Read the Chinese car via OBD. 3.Read the BOOT mode according to the chip model 4.Read the encrypted ECU password (Read the password of encrypted ECU first, then read data) 5. Support cars made in China with ME17 TC1728/1767 for data reading & writting and password reading.Workable Transmission Model: VAG: DQ200 (0AM) VAG: DQ200MQB/G2 (0CW) VAG: DQ250C (02E) K-Line VAG: DQ250E/F (02E) VAG: DQ250MQB (0D9) VAG: VL300/V30 (01J/0AN) K-Line VAG: VL300/V30 (01J/0AN) VAG: VL381 (0AW) VAG: DQ500 (0BH/0BT) VAG: DL501/G2 (0B5) VAG: DQ200/MQB Boot (MICRO) VAG: DQ200/MQB Boot (EEPROM) VAG: DQ200G2 Boot (MICRO) VAG: DQ200G2 Boot (EEPROM) VAG: DQ250E/F/MQB Boot (MICRO) VAG: DQ250E/F/MQB Boot (EEPROM) VAG: VL300/V30 BSL (FLASH) VAG: VL300/V30 BSL (EEPROM) VAG: VL381 Boot (MICRO) VAG: VL381 Boot (EEPROM) VAG: DL501 Boot (MICRO) VAG: DL501 Boot (EEPROM) VAG: DL501G2 Boot (MICRO) VAG: DL501G2 Boot (EEPROM) Read Chinese car via OBD: China: Chery, Great Wall, Lifan, SAIC ME17 (ME17.8.8) China: Chery, Great Wall, Lifan MT80 K-Line Calibration (De-lphi MT80) China: Chery, Great Wall, Lifan MT80 CAN-bus (Del-phi MT80) Read the BOOT mode according to the chip model: Infi-neon: TC1762/TC1766 MICRO (1504KB) Infi-neon: TC1762/TC1766 EEPROM (32KB) Infi-neon: TC1792/TC1796 MICRO (2048KB) Infi-neon: TC1796 MICRO+EXT (4096KB/6144KB) Infi-neon: TC1796 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) Infi-neon: TC1796 EEPROM (128KB) Infi-neon: TC1792 EEPROM (64KB) Infi-neon: TC1738/TC1767 MICRO (2048KB) Infi-neon: TC1738/TC1767 EEPROM (64KB) Infi-neon: TC1797 MICRO (4096KB) Infi-neon: TC1797 MICRO+EXT (6144KB/8192KB) Infi-neon: TC1797 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) Infi-neon: TC1797 EEPROM (64KB) Infi-neon: TC1724/TC1728 MICRO (1536KB) Infi-neon: TC1724/TC1728 EEPROM (64KB) Infi-neon: TC1782/TC1784 MICRO (2560KB) Infi-neon: TC1782/TC1784 EEPROM (128KB) Infi-neon: TC1793/TC1798 MICRO (4096KB) Infi-neon: TC1793/TC1798 MICRO+EXT (6144KB/8192KB) Infi-neon: TC1793/TC1798 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) Infi-neon: TC1793/TC1798 EEPROM (192KB) Read the encrypted ECU password (Read the password of encrypted ECU first, then read data): Bo-sch: Support Chinese car ME17 TC1728/1767 data reading & writing and password reading Bo-sch: BM-W/MB/VAG GPT Bo-sch: Fo-rd/Op-el/Vo-lvo GPT Bo-sch: BM-W TPROT8+ Bo-sch: VAG TPROT8+ Bo-sch: Kia/Hyundai/Honda TPROT8+ Bo-sch: Chry-sler/Je-ep/Do-dge/F-iat TPROT8+ [Test] Bo-sch: VAZ/UAZ ME17.9.71 Conti-nental: Ki-a/Hyun-dai/Ssa-ngYong SIM2K-24X/C201 Conti-nental: Fo-rd EMS2204 Conti-nental: Fo-rd EMS2207 Conti-nental: Fo-rd EMS2211 Conti-nental: Fo-rd SID208 Conti-nental: Fo-rd SID209 Conti-nental: Fo-rd Mondeo 4 SID807EVO Conti-nental: Fo-rd Focus 3/Transit Connect SID807EVO Conti-nental: Citr-oen/Peu-geot SID208 Ki-a/Hy-undai: De-lphi MT86 EEPROM (16KB) Mer-cedes-Be-nz: Del-phi CRD3.1 EEPROM (32KB) Attention: For VAG for Audi Gearbox Adapter for DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501 Read and Write work with KTMFlash

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